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Who We Are

Recognize our potential as the first step toward success
Our History
OnePad is developed by FPT AdTrue, a member of FPT Corporation. Since 2016, FPT AdTrue has been known as an Ad Network delivering solutions for brands to enter gaming worlds via product placements and in-play advertising. As the top technology corporation in Southeast Asia, FPT Corporation provides OnePad with the best resources to develop its blockchain ecosystem.
Our Solution
OnePad solution focuses on leveraging its basis in programmatic advertising to be applied in the metaverse field, as well as investing and incubating potential blockchain projects. The three vital elements in the OnePad ecosystem are Meta Ad Platform, OnePad GO, and OneGuild.
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Our Missions

Contribute our elite idea to blockchain growth
Help advertiser’s campaigns reach 1M+ users of Blockchain DApps
Incubate and accelerate 100+ blockchain projects
Build up a 1M+ community of individual investors & P2E players

Our Visions

Foresee the real-value of decentralization
When talking about a crypto-fueled future, everybody normally comes up with the idea of a wallet, a contract, a game or an online art piece. OnePad dreams more and we act by being the first that use Web 3.0 philosophy right in our business structure.
With our Web 3.0 shares model, company’s profits, goals & developments are decentralized to each investor and even token holder. They are all deauthorized to interfere and have crucial contributions in creating company’s milestones.

Our Core Values

Shape our culture since the very beginning
Well-managed and Optimized System
OnePad inherits the quintessential of FPT AdTrue. Our full-stack operating system is able to fit in huge demands & adjust itself with critical rapid changes of blockchain revolution.
Powerful Business Network
In the name of a leading ecosystem, OnePad owns closed partnerships with both top blockchain publishers & top brand advertisers with continuous quality demands.
Experienced Team of Elite Personnel
At OnePad, our personnel is made from the elites, whom are strongly experienced, progressive & have proved themselves through many successful marketing campaigns
Active & Reactive Global Community
OnePad understands blockchain projects are community-driven. We have successfully built a global community that is getting more and more ready to boost our projects onboard.


A strong community led by a team of innovators
Tony Vu
Co-Founder, CEO
Ming Vu
Co-Founder, COO
Hai Lee
Co-Founder, CTO
Jack Lee
Co- Founder, CPO
Suri Hoang
Minh Nguyen
Blockchain Development Director
Julia Dam
Business Director
Irene Do
Global Partnership Director
Hai Nguyen
Strategic Product Director
Finn Tran
Product Development Director
Cindy Nguyen
Marketing Director
Hien Nguyen
Creative Director


Get to know the ones behind the wheel
Chairman of FPT Corporation
Father of Angry Birds - Founder of Rovio Entertainment
Chairman of FPT Telecom


Journey of future phenomenons
Phase 1 (Q2/2022)
  • Website & Whitepaper Release
  • Official Trailer
  • Smart Contract Audit
Phase 2 (Q3/2022)
  • Meta Ad Platform official launch
  • CEX Listing
  • Meta Ad Platform Broadening
Phase 3 (Q4/2022)
  • Brand’s NFT collection
  • NFT Marketplace
Phase 4 (2023)
  • Metaverse NFT billboard
  • In-Metaverse Events
  • Mini-Game Hub
  • Official OneGuild release
  • Official Launchpad release
  • Multi-chain development


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