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Meta Ad Network

Decentralized Ads - The Revolution of Marketing
Being one of the pioneers as Meta Ad Network, OnePad allows developers to monetize spaces in NFT games, exhibitions, concerts, and inside Metaverse through secure methods. Besides, OnePad provides access to top metaverse & blockchain inventory where brands and advertisers have the capabilities of creating and customizing campaigns of their own imagination with a transparent report system


FPT AdTrue is a member of FPT Corporation. Since 2016, FPT AdTrue has been known as a global Ad Network delivering solutions for hundreds of global brands to enter gaming worlds via in-game ad placement, as well as providing game studios and publishers with a stable revenue stream from advertising. FPT AdTrue has incorporated 300+ game studios and publisher partners such as Tilting Point, Zynga, Rollic, Good Job Games, TapNation, MY.GAMES, OneSoft, etc. with more than 25B daily ad impressions.

Incubation Hub

Unlock your product’s potential in the blockchain market

OnePad consults project to create a persuasive and reliable profile (brand identity, tokenomics, marketing materials, etc.) which is necessary for fundraising and community gaining

OnePad provide projects the chance to show your great idea with famous global venture capitals

OnePad brings the best practice of the industry to projects in various support levels from expert consultancy to direct participation, accelerating the coverage of brands in the long-run.

Onetask allows developers to create a full-task Airdrop and Whitelist campaign with anti-fraud IP addresses and scores; automatic statistics, random filtering and top entries; creative, diversified, easy-to-use and customizable templates and live chat integration.

With a huge network of news sites and famous KOLs, OnePad helps blockchain projects to reach potential users.

OnePad helps projects to be listed on Tier 1 CEX & DEX partners such as Huobi, Gate, PancakeSwap, and ranking platform partners such as Cryptorank, Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, etc.

Our team maintains the best status for your community, as well as invite more real users who are interested in your project

Our professional team helps you adjust the token price, as well as make it safe from cheating bots.


Grow a long-term cooperative relationship


Community Coverage

Present your passion with a thriving global community
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Introducing OnePad
The Next Era of Advertising

We believe that Metaverse is the future and in-metaverse advertising will not only completely change the way users consume ads, but also the way advertisers distribute their ads.


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